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Be Still and Run

Where we Combine Faith and Running for a more fulfilled and joy filled life!

You’ll find on this sight content that will inspire and lift you up as you run the race of life. Our goal at BSR is to show you a new way to live, by interweaving the sport of running with the Christian Life God has called us to live!

As a heads up, as the Lord wills, we are in the process of creating free challenges and downloads, along with a paid signature course for 2022! As of 2021, we have also started a podcast and YouTube channel so don’t forget to check us out there. Lord willing the free stuff may be coming out sooner than planned, so stick around!

New to our site? I encourage you to look around before subscribing. Way to many times we stretch ourselves too thin and try to do too many things at once or subscribe to more than we are really even interested in. If you like what you see, then I would love for you to stick around! We also have a Facebook page and group if you are interested. Hope to see ya around!

You should also know that here at Be Still and Run, we are very informal. We want you to feel at home and able to freely be yourself. We are not perfect and do not wish to act so. Though we put our heart and prayers into creating content and services that we feel will best help our audience and clients, on most things we have a minimal-to-no editing policy. So we ask your forgiveness ahead of time 🙂

We love ya’ll and pray you have a blessed week!

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