Guest Post Application

If you have a desire to write for us, we are so excited to read what you have to say! Every child of God has a story or a message and we want to give you a place to share it with others. One, because it will strengthen your faith in God as you remind yourself what He has done in your life and what He has taught you, and two, because it encourages others in their journey of faith as well, to know that their are others who struggle, learn, and then conquer!

Please read the following guidelines before you begin writing your message, and don’t forget to proof read and edit before sending in your final draft! Thank you!

*Just because you send in an application below, does not guarantee that we will publish your post.*

Guest Post Guidelines

  • Our goal audience – who you will be writing to – is young ladies between 18-30, who have a desire to love the Lord and serve Him. 
  • We focus on encouraging women to run WITH God both physically and spiritually
  • Start out with a good title to get the audience’s attention.  If you can’t come up with anything, let us know or use * * Just type in some key words you think should be in the title and find one that stands out to you.
  • You should very quickly get right to the point.  Value the readers’ time.
  • Blog posts should average between 500-800 words.  Smaller and larger is permitted but not encouraged unless necessary.
  • No fluff or useless words.  (And please for my editing ADHD – if that’s even a thing- don’t use the same word too close together in a paragraph, and certainly not in a sentence, it drives me nuts!  Thanks!)
  • Please pray before you write, as we like to include God in every aspect of this ministry.
  • Everything should flow together.  If you need help with editing, we are happy to help.
  • Please use KJV for verse references.
  • Do not include links of any kind and be sure if you use quotes that you reference who it is that said it.
  • Sharing testimonies or short personal stories is strongly encouraged since people can easily relate in this way.
  • If you were given a topic to write about, please be sure to stick to that topic and don’t go off on bunny trails.  Again, respect the readers time!
  • Give advice that is practical and hands-on in an interesting way.
  • Respect the privacy of others and don’t reference “real names” unless it is in a good way. If you change a persons name please use this phrase at the end of your post: “Some names and places have been changed to protect privacy.”
  • Do not give any clues or hints about where you live. Change the location/restaurant/store and use the above phrase if needed to protect your privacy.
  • Keep everything casual, like you’re having a conversation with a friend.
  • Have fun and be yourself.
  • Avoid a monotone, prideful atmosphere.  Remember that the spirit in which you write can be clearly seen by most individuals.  If you are writing with a dull motive, your writing will seem dull as well.
  • End the post with a call to action (i.e. a question to get them thinking, a challenge, a word of encouragement for them to take a step in the right direction – be sure to say what the step is, etc.)
  • We have the right to refuse or ask for revisions for all submitted posts.
  • All posts must be original and not published anywhere else.
  • Once the post is published on our blog, we will not take credit for the writing, but we do have the right to use the content in our podcasts, ads, or social media posts.

If you have any questions please let us know!  Thanks for considering writing for us!

*We are no affiliated in any way with this link, nor are we responsible for anything you find once you leave this site.  See our disclaimer for more information.

Blog Post Submission Form

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