Guest Speaker Application

I am stoked that you are interested in being a guest speaker on our podcast! Our main goal is to encourage ladies (intended audience is 18-30 years of age) to run WITH God both physically and spiritually. Please fill out the form below and we will get back with you as soon as possible. Thank you so much for being willing to share your story and what God has taught you!

The categories we are looking for are:

  • Nuggest of Wisdom – Are you an older woman who wants to share a lesson you wished you had learned early on in life? Our main points are: What are you doing with you life right now? Tell us a little bit about your past and your testimony. What is one piece of advice you wish you had known when you were younger?
  • Running with God both Physically and Spiritually – Have something God has taught you about Himself or the Christian life through your running? Then we would love to chat about that!
  • Aritcle Interview – Do you have an article, blog post, or video that you believe would provide value to our listeners? We would love to interview you on it.
  • General Health and Spiritual Topics – Are you passionate about a topic we talk about at Be Still and Run? Then please let us know as it could be a very interesting exchange to share with our listeners.
  • Sharing Your Testimony – Have a testimony you feel the Lord wants you to share? We want to provide a place for you to do that, so please send us a message!
  • Dealing with Injuries – Have something special to share, like a testimony, new insight, special information on the topic of dealing with injuries both physically and spiritually? This is something all runners deal with and need to learn how to handle in the best way possible.

*Just because you fill out the application, does not guarantee you a spot on our podcast.*

Apply for An Interview

Do you agree that by being on this podcast we can reference scripture, from the Word of God, and the name of Jesus Christ? Is this okay with you?

Do you agree that we have permission to tag you on social media when the podcast is live thanking you for the interview and inviting others to listen?

Do you understand that we have the full rights to the interview to use it elsewhere in our ministry (and on our site for promoting, sharing, converting to blog posts, etc. on any and all social media including but not limited to FB, IG, and Pinterest, either now or in the future? Do you understand that we have the right to edit and/or use the raw edition of your interview? (Unless absolutely necessary, we do not edit podcasts. We like them do be as real as possible.)