Thank you for Applying to Be a Guest Speaker on the Be Still and Run Podcast!

We are so excited to go over your application! If you are accepted, we will contact you as soon as possible to set up a time for the interview. Looking forward to connecting!

Please read the following guidelines in order to prepare for the interview:

  1. Do not share personal contact information.
  2. Do not share negative information about other people.
  3. No political talk.
  4. No gossiping.
  5. Do not share anything that would give people clues about where you live.
  6. Have fun and be yourself! Don’t worry too much about saying something you shouldn’t, if absolutely necessary we can remove it. I would rather you be comfortable to share your story than be uptight about possibly saying something you shouldn’t.
  7. Please remember to pray for peace and the words God wishes you to speak before the interview.
  8. Be mindful that the intended audience is 18-30 year old females.
  9. Remember that our main goal in these podcasts is to encouraging ladies to run with God both Physically and Spiritually.
  10. Also please be polite if something comes up to where you need to reschedule your interview by giving us as much notice as you can. Thank you for your curtesy.

Hope to see ya soon, but in the mean time, Happy Running!!