Free Challenges

Free Challenges that will Draw you Closer to Christ

Hey there! I’m so glad to meet you, I’m Alli Anne, Welcome to Be Still and Run! As a quick introduction, I was born again before I turned 10, the exact date I do not know. It has been a long hard journey since then, but God has been gracious! I began running in the year of 2015, not fully getting into it till about a year later, and have been running ever since! A few years ago, God led me to combine faith with my running and though it has been a very hilly path, full of ups and downs, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. This is exactly what I was meant to do from the beginning and I can honestly say I feel directly in the will of God, this is what I was created for. I pray that the love God has showered me with over the years will come out into everything I do. I love ya’ll and pray God would work mightily in your life!

Happy Running,

Alli Anne

These challenges are designed with you in mind and a whole lot of prayer. We will be adding each one to this page as they are created, so if you love God and you love running, then stay tuned!

The 30 Day Run/Walk Taste and See Challenge that Will Change Your Life!

Boy am I excited to share this challenge with you!! Because what took me years to realize could only take you 20 minutes a day for 30 days!

You will accomplish some of the same things I did over a longer period of time much quicker because looking in hind-site helped me realize that these two things when done together, got me started on the greatest journey of my life! I tasted and saw that the Lord was good and I began to crave more and more of Him. I wanted to know Him more and I wanted a more intimate relationship with Him. What I had been looking for my whole life was finally found in Him! My soul was finally satisfied!

During this challenge you will sit down for around 5 minutes every morning and journal using our printable journal prompt, followed by at least a 5 minute walk or run WITH God (Sundays are exempt if you so desire).

Who is this challenge for?

Wanna know what you have to do?

This challenge is for anyone who wants to strengthen their relationship with God. No matter how close you feel to Him, I believe that we can always get closer and this will certainly help you to do so.

When is this challenge?

The challenge starts on March 18th 2022 and will end on Easter, the day Jesus finished His mission on earth – Creating a bridge by which we can be Reconciled to God, the Father!


Those who finish the challenge will be entered in a drawing to win a physical copy of the Back to the Basics textbook when you sign up for our 12-Week B2B Program!

So what are you waiting for girl?? Sign ups end the 16th of March so don’t wait!

Get out of the Box and Run with Freedom Challenge

Are you tired of legalism and religion? Tired of being stressed and just tired in general? Then dare to be challenged to a new way of living with this free 5 day challenge, (self-paced and short sessions for your convenience!), that will inspire you to choose a relationship with Jesus rather than living a life full of rules and regulations, anxiety and fatigue. Running the Christian life with Jesus, rather than falling behind or running ahead, is an easy and light load, full of peace, joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction. We can introduce this new way of living by inviting God into our daily workouts! Hence, running with God.

So I challenge you to get out of the box of comparison, out of the religion box, out of whatever box you have packaged yourself up in and learn how to live a life of freedom!

Coming soon…

The Secret to having Meaningful Devotions Challenge

Devotional books, downloadable pdf’s, check-list style, meaningless commentaries… Have you ever wondered where the fruit comes from in reading the Bible? Why aren’t the promises etched throughout scripture a part of your life? Why does quiet time seem so mundane and endless? Uncover the secret to what it means to have a meaningful quiet time and to start seeing God at work in your life! Learn what is holding you back, why your life seems so different from everyone else’s, and so much more, in The Secret to having Meaningful Devotions Challenge.

Coming soon…

The Extravagantly Painful Foam Rolling Challenge

Dare to be challenged?! This challenge will hurt in ways you may have never experienced, but trust me, it’s a good pain. A lot of times throughout life, we seem to push our hurts and wounds down deep, some burry it way underground, while others put it in a pressure canner that could explode any moment. Not only will you discover how to foam roll your tired worn-out body for optimum recovery, you will learn what spiritual foam rolling is, how to do it, and why it is so important.

Coming soon…

“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God.”

Romans 12:2