Be Still and Run started out by being a personal blog of what God taught me (Alli Anne) when I went for a run.  Running everyday for 31 days straight really got me started in realizing how close the sport of running resembles the Christian life.  

As I sat one afternoon doodling a little logo and trying different word phrases for a blog title, little did I know that when Be Still and Run came to mind, that God would expand it into something I never dreamed it’d be. 

Through BSR, I hope to encourage ladies around the world to live the abundant Christian life they were called and created to live. We are called to run through life in obedience and surrender to Christ, doing the Fathers will, while our hearts are still, quiet, focused, and trusting on Him.  Hence, Be Still and Run.

Alli Anne

Do you ever wake up in the morning dreading the moment your feet hit the ground? Do you ever look forward to bedtime when you can finally sleep the rest of your day away? What is the train of thoughts going through your head every day? Are they self-condemning lies that leave you feeling hopeless and empty?

Did you know it doesn’t have to be this way?  There is a better way to live. You don’t have to feel lost, alone, or afraid. You don’t have to live in anxiety or purposelessness. You can feel loved and cared for right where you’re at – just as you are. Deciding to take that path will lead you down a road you’ll never regret taking. So slip on your running shoes and let’s hit the trail!

Hi, my name is Alli Anne.

I used to have no purpose in life, no joy. I felt depressed, empty, and useless. But everything changed when I began running with God. These were special moments for me, as I felt like I was on a date each time I laced up my shoes. But then a whole new world developed right before my eyes when He began showing me WHO I WAS IN CHRIST and how much He REALLY loved me. 

Because I had an early conversion I don’t remember much about giving my life to the Lord. I do know that before I gave my life to Christ I wanted to go to church. My parents, though not believers themselves, was led by God to take me.

Before the age of 10 my best friend visited me when I was sick and asked me when I was going to get saved. I looked at the clock and replied, “When that turns 10:00.” I remember that being the longest minute of my life. I was nervous and felt sick to my stomach. A few days later I prayed again, but alone. I was so excited that I ran to my mom and said, “I got saved again today!”

However, all through my teens I struggled immensely with the feeling that something was missing in my life and I didn’t know what it was. The enemy seemed to be constantly putting doubts in my mind around the age of 17 of whether I was truly saved or not and I rededicated my life to Christ the day before I was baptized, engraving the date on a post behind our barn so I could take the enemy there every time I doubted.

But in the year 2019 I still felt like something was missing and I began doubting my salvation again. This time was different though. It bothered me that I was still living my own life. Verses about how Jesus was supposed to be our Lord seemed to stand out like never before. Was I really saved if I couldn’t honestly say, “Jesus is my LORD and Savior”?

So on April 22nd, 2019 at 3:30pm I rededicated my life to Christ, this time, surrendering everthing to Him and committing my life into His hands. Since that day my life has never been the same. I have grown closer to Christ in amazing ways and finally feel like I am directly in the center of God’s will.

He has been cleansing me from so many lies and fears, and filling me with Himself in extraordinary ways. My hearts deepest desire is to encourage others to draw their eyes and hearts to the cross of Christ, not just for salvation, but to gain freedom and an unexplainable peace and joy in an intimate relationship with God through Jesus, and to use their gifts, talents, passions, and living example to encourage others to do the same.

That feeling that something is missing? I have not felt it since that day in 2019 when I surrendered everything to God. May He begin showing you what your heart truly desires and then forever grant that as you seek Him.  Happy Running!