Alli Anne

Ladies, do you ever wake up in the morning dreading the moment your feet hit the ground?  Do you ever look forward to bedtime when you can finally sleep the rest of your day away?  What is the train of thoughts going through your head every day?  Are they self-condemning lies that leave you feeling hopeless and empty?

Did you know it doesn’t have to be this way?  There is a better way to live.  You don’t have to feel lost, alone, or afraid.  You don’t have to live in anxiety or purposelessness.  You can feel loved and cared for right where you’re at – just as you are.  Deciding to take that path will lead you down a road you’ll never regret taking.  So slip on your running shoes and let’s hit the trail!

Hi, my name is Alli Anne and I know exactly how you feel. 

I used to have no purpose in life, no joy – I felt depressed, empty, and useless.  But everything changed when I began running with God.  These were special moments for me as I felt like I was on a date each time I laced up my shoes.  But then a whole new world developed right before my eyes when He began showing me WHO I WAS IN CHRIST and how much He REALLY loved me.  Today I wake up with purpose, excitement and joy.  Negative thoughts are a thing of the past and I have the greatest peace in my heart I have ever experienced.  I feel fulfilled and totally satisfied in God and now I want to help YOU get the same results!

So Book a Call Now!  It’s free and I would love to get connected.

Not a phone conversationalist?  That’s okay, Shoot me an Email instead or Connect with me on Social.  They are all free! 

I love you ladies and can’t wait to serve you!!  May God show you what your heart truly desires and then forever grant that as you seek Him.  Happy Running!

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