I’m delighted that you are here! On our podcast we aim to use our passion for running as a springboard to draw us closer to Christ, just as in everything else you will find on this site! We talk about the comparisons with running the race of life both physically and spiritually, while bringing the life into our souls that we so long for! I hope you enjoy!

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Season One – Episode One

We all know what it is like to come up to a closed road sign or dead end and realize we need to turn around or go a different direction. It can be quite annoying especially if you’re in a hurry. Join me in my first podcast as i share how God taught me to deal with these circumstances.

Season One – Episode Two

We bridle horses in order to control them. God gives Christians two choices. Either we bridle ourselves or He bridles us. Which on will you choose?

Season One – Episode Three

What is the big deal about shoes for runners? Why are they so important? What is the difference between a minimalist shoe and a cushioned shoe? What size do I get? Questions, Questions, Questions… I’ve learned over the years that shoes are not just important to stay injury free, but it is also detrimental that your wear shoes made for your feet and circumstances, not ones made for someone else. You may find out that shoe sizing is really not as hard as people make it up to be.

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