I’m delighted that you are here! On our podcast we aim to use our passion for running as a springboard to draw us closer to Christ – just as in everything else you will find on this site! We talk about the comparisons with running the race of life both physically and spiritually, while bringing the life into our souls that we so long for! I hope you enjoy!

As a forewarning, these episodes are raw and real, barely edited. Please bear with me as I learn the in and outs of podcast creating, as I love playing around with the variables!

And if you have any questions or topics you would like us to cover in a future episode please share it with us below!!!

Our Most Listened to Episodes as of January 2022

Episode #2: Wearing Bridles Keeps us from Living in Freedom

Are you wearing a bridle of comparison or bitterness and letting it control every decision you make? We bridle horses in order to control them. God gives Christians two choices. Either we bridle ourselves or He bridles us. Which one will you choose?

Ep. #10: How to Become the Person God Created you to Be Pt. 3

Today we talk about a difficult topic for Christians that is often neglected as part of our life but is an essential part of changing who we are.

As a side note I would recommend listening to part 1 and 2 before this one, but I wanted to share the top episodes and part 3 is one of them. Part 1 is actually on down this list though…

Ep. #11: Game Changer

My story of transformation that I want all of you ladies to experience!

Ep. 8: Becoming the Person God Created You to Be Pt. 1

Today I give you three questions to think about in preparation for part two of this series.

Midweek Motivation: What is One Thing that Can Completely Change Your Life?

Happy Wednesday! I wanted to share a little personal testimony about how I went from knowing God loved me to really knowing God loved me.


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