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How to Eat Healthy… It’s Easy!

Let’s be Real… It’s Not!

“I wish I could eat healthy.” 

Have you ever said that?  You know the drill.  Start a diet excited.  Get through the first week and crave something bad. Resistance only lasts so long before you have no desire to eat healthy anymore.  You miss the doughnuts, pizza, ice-cream, candy, pop…  You know they are bad for you and yet, you keep eating them.

I learned that the flesh is very resistant to change, especially in breaking old habits.  So I created seven tips for you in how you can begin to eat healthy, that have been helpful for me. 

I’m not going to lie, it has taken me seven months to get over this “diet mentality”, but it has been so rewarding and I am losing inches as well as weight, while still gaining muscle and training for a marathon.  It’s not always easy, but it is worth it.

Seven Tips to Get out of the Dieting Mentality


If you haven’t figured it out already, diets do not work.  A lot of people who are successful on diets have to continue the diet or else they gain all the weight back that they worked so hard to lose.  Diets, once started, enslave you.


Eliminating that late night snack that you look forward to every day is also going to enslave you.  You will be waiting for that “one day” that you can have that elimination fulfilled.  And the more you want it, the harder it is to resist.  Resisting equals stress.  Stress puts your body in fat storage mode.


Water cleanses and restores your body.  It keeps you healthy and encourages your body to work properly.  In addition, your brain does not know the difference between hunger and thirst signals, so if you stay hydrated you will know the hunger pains when they come.


This is one of the greatest choices I have ever made, besides salvation of course.  Being intuitive is listening to your body and giving it what it needs.  As long as you do not have any medical conditions, you can listen to its cravings and fulfill them.  Over time you can learn to supplement the not so healthy things, such as sugar with carbs, and chocolate with magnesium rich foods, but for now eat what you want and don’t stress about it.


This may be one of the most important tips on this list.  If you don’t know why you want to eat healthy, you WILL NOT have any motivation to do so.  Your why’s fuel you.


Ever started a New Year’s Resolution list and then within months, weeks, or even days gave up on it?  I believe this is because we take on too much broadness with not enough specificity and reasonality (if that is even a word).   Pick ONE thing.  Work on that till it’s a habit.  Then add another.  Each goal accomplished is fuel added to your enthusiasm to move forward.


Don’t stress about it.  Live out who you are in Christ and realize that He is all that matters.  What you really crave is Him and you will never be fulfilled until you are full of Him.  Fulfilled equals filled full with the Love of Christ.  Nothing else in life matters.  When we die it will not matter if we ate healthy or exercised every day.  Live your life and stop worrying.

So in addition to this list I created a picture for you to print out and hang on your fridge as reminders of Who you are in Christ and what you need to keep in mind while on this journey of eating healthier. 

You may be wondering why these kinds of reminders are needed.  Well, put simply, we live out our identity.  Somewhere in your past you allowed yourself to be identified in a negative way that is affecting the decisions you make today.   It is complicating to understand, so for now, I pray you will continue seeking after Christ,

Happy Running Ya’ll!

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