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The Journey Continues – From 2015 to Now

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! I’m so excited about starting this blog! After accepted a challenge of running/walking a 5k a day in the month of May, I wanted to keep writing about my runs and what God teaches me through them!

I love running with my Lord, not just physically, but spiritually too!

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This was my very first post from June 12th 2019. Never would I have imagined it would go from a simple hobby blog to a dream business! As time goes on, it is quite interesting to seek after God, and see what He has for me, on this journey called life. Seeking Him about what works He has created for me to do, before He even created the world, has been both exciting and stressful.

Quick Recap:

2015 – I started playing around with jogging a little. Even though I had tried it multiple times before, I guess I was thinking this time, just maybe, it would stick.

2016 – We visited a church where a lot of the youth ran. My dad struck up a conversation with a guy and was inspired to sign the whole family up for a 5k (3.1 miles). I decided if we were going to do this, I was going to run the whole thing straight through, so I began training.

2017 – Though my family decided to drop out of training, because running just wasn’t for them, at some point, I was hooked. I signed up for my first 5k in the fall and finished it in 30:40. I loved it! No one was in my age group, so I got first place too. 🙂

2018 – I kept training but did not have the funds to enter another race. I contacted one of the race officials, and asked if I was too old to enter the free 1 mile fun run. She said, “This race is honor of my father who always did things for people. I’ll give you a free pass to enter the 5k because of him.” I was so excited. I finished that one in freezing temperatures in 31:22.

2019 – I upped my miles a little, adding in a few fartlek runs and was introduced to the 5k May Challenge (run or walk 3.1 miles everyday in the month of May), of which I had a blast with! It was physically and spiritually challenging, but God taught me so much. I signed up for the same 5k I ran in 2016 and PRed with 27:30! I was stoked!

2020 – This year I was stressed and my training suffered accordingly. By the time I entered a 5k in September, I PRed with the longest time of somewhere around 34 minutes. It was awful. I did however manage to complete the 5k May again, as well as 5k Mayhem (3.1 miles every hour for twelve hours on the last Saturday of May, starting at 6:30 am), which was started by the same founder as 5k May.

2021 – At the start of this year I debated on what races I wanted to go for. I sought God about which ones to do and felt permission to go ahead with the 5k May again, but He said, “Not Mayhem, I have something better.” I kept asking what was the better and He finally answered, “A Full Marathon,” (26.2 miles). I laughed, but was excited. I completed that in September, just under 6 hours. At the end of the year I began training for my first trail race, a half marathon (13.1 miles)!

2022 – Though this year is not even half way complete, I did finish the best race ever in March, a few minutes under 4 hours. It was a very technical trail race, not intended for beginners, but nonetheless I finished, and very dehydrated. I recently decided to take up an offer from a coach (which has been amazing and I highly recommend!), and am going back to the same trail race this fall, but putting more effort into training, looking to PR and not get dehydrated.

Through all of this, I have little by little been adding things like an email list, FB Group, a free challenge, podcasts, and more, as the Lord leads. I am so excited to see where the Lord takes all of this, and even more excited for the new annoucments coming up! I have some awesome surprises for you 😉

What’s Changing?

Even though I believe my gift and talent from God is writing, I have so much enjoyed podcasting! I love to talk even more than write! Haha. I will still be having blog posts, but as of right now we are dropping it to twice a month, and matching it up with the podcasts episodes. I have not really fancied show notes, and I didn’t want to stop writing blog posts, so I have decided to put my own twist on things. The blog posts will be shortened version of the podcast, sharing general ideas and quotes from each one.

If you have any suggestions on who you want to see interviewed on the podcast, any topics you want me to cover during episodes, have any questions, or just simply need someone to talk to, feel free to reach out!

I love you and pray you have a blessed week, Happy Running!

Mid-Week Motivation Coming Your Way!!

Since the schedule in our content will be changing, I decided I wanted to give you the opportunity to stay motivated and encouraged to Run the Christian Life With God in a more personal way, by sending you a weekly email directly to your inbox, every Wednesday morning. If you want to join the family, click on the link below. Hope to see ya around!

Email List Subscription

Please note that the original subscription you will find on this sight (either below or to the side) is for blog posts only at this time. If you want the mid-week motivation and updates, you must sign up at the link below to get on the list. We are in the process of changing this, but thank you for your patience.

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