Dark Clouds of the Unknown

Trusting God or living in fear? Each of us know what it’s like to live in fear, but how often do we ask God for strength and take on trials we never dared take on our normal days. In the month of May, I completed a challenge called, 5k a day in the month of May. During that month I literally got stuck out in a storm and it scared me half to death. For today’s run I wasn’t sure I wanted to trust the weather radar and head out or not. After several minutes of procrastination, I slipped my shoes on headed out into dark clouds of the unknown.

This was a picture of on my way back home. The dark clouds you can see where behind me.

June 13, 2019

Last night I saw on the radar that I only had a couple hours in the ,or in to fit my run in before it rained. I got out of bed around five and headed donstairs for bible and coffee. By the time I finally dressed, stretched and checked the weather it was around 6:30. I finally made it outside and continued watching the sky. I did not want to be caught out in another storm so I said a silent prayer that God would get me back home before it started raining. But during the entire first two miles I was worried. Despite the fear and anxiety, I shoved it all away, knowing if I dwelt on that, it would alter my fluid breathing pattern. I said another prayer for safety… And a PR. 😉

My first mile clicked over at 9:56. I was thinking, “should I keep going?”

Mile two was mental battle. I kept watching the sky at what looked like a storm approaching. All of a sudden I got this mental picture of Peter. He asked Jesus to let him walk on the water. And he did… until he looked on the waves and wind around him, then he began to sink. I decided to push forward and keep my eyes on Jesus. I kept asking Him for strength. I kept sinking, but kept crying out for His help.

Mile two clicked over at 8:59 being my fastest mile ever!

Mile three clicked over at 9:34.

For the last tenth mile I ran as fast as I could, breathing so hard my dad heard me from in the house and said, “Oh look, there goes Allison having fun.”

I finished with a PR of 29:48! Wow God, thank you! And it never rained.

How often do we sink and then call on Jesus to rescue us? Or do we begin sinking and never once lift our eyes to Jesus until it is almost too late?

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