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Book Review

Life in the Single Lane

Accepting God’s Gift in This Season of Your Life

By Aprill M. Brunson


Life in the Single Lane was a wonderful encouragement to me as a single woman desiring to one day be married.  I feel like Aprill hit home with how relatable and easily digested it was.  I was able to immediately connect with her as she shared her struggles and it didn’t require totally concentration to follow along in order to understand what she was saying.  And I must say it was quite humorous at times!  Overall I absolutely loved it and had a very hard time putting it down. 

Personally I have become pretty content with being single, but around my birthday this year I was battling thoughts of self-pity.  You know what I’m talking about, the “Poor me, I’ll never get married” kind.  It only took a few chapters of reading Life in the Single Lane, and it began to draw my heart back in-line with God’s will for this season of my life.  If I may add, being as the author is only twenty-three at the time of writing the book, it made me laugh every time she said she was an old maid, because that is a phrase we as single ladies can so easily buy into.

“Birthday’s are good for you.  Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.”

Reverend Larry Lorenzoni

One of the things I could really relate to was chapter thirteen, Single vs. Adult.  She explained how people, sometimes unknowingly, treat you like you are a child until you are married.  Having experienced this, it did encourage me to take her advice in making sure you act like an adult, but then leave the results up to God as to how others treat you. 

Chapter sixteen was about becoming the woman the man you want to marry is looking for.  I heard this many years ago, but the way Aprill explains it is quite convicting and yet inspiring at the same time.  I loved how she listed verses to explain who we should be, because, if you are like me, I’m sure you have verses you want your future husband to be like too! 

We should look for

“…Mr. Junior Right, because God is Mr. Right.” 

Pastor David Crispin

One of my biggest take away was the fact that singleness has a lot of flexibility, as compared to wives or mothers.  We are not tied down to caring for our family and therefore have way more freedom to serve others and help out where needed.   Aprill expounds more on this in a very encouraging way that really opened my eyes to so many opportunities to serve God that I miss every day.

I would definitely recommend this book to single women, regardless of age, who want to be married some day whether you are in a relationship or not.  In my opinion, comparing to all the “relationship” books I have read, this is definitely one of my top picks!  I pray that if God leads you to get a copy of Life in the Single Lane for yourself, that He would use it in your life that same as He did mine! 

 “You’ve heard it straight from the Old Maid’s Mouth!” –Aprill M. Brunson

Just as a side note, something that has been very encouraging to me, is that a lot of missionaries did not get married till they were in their 40’s, because God needed their undivided attention for what He had called them to do.  Not only that, but think of how much better of a wife and mother you could be with forty years of practice dealing with others!  If you are thinking, “Yes, but I want to get married now, I’m tired of waiting,” then I encourage you to grab a copy of Aprill’s book here, as it may be just what you need.

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