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My 18inch Journey Has Begun!

Today is DAY TWO of “My 18inch Journey”! I am so excited to begin this new expedition with God! I will be posting updates on here, Lord willing, every Saturday, but if you would like to see day-by-day posts, head over to my Facebook page and follow me there.

But for now, let me give you a little background before I explain what “My 18inch Journey” really is. (- care to not, 😁 skip to the next “section” in this post to find out what this “18 inch Journey” is-)

Many years ago I gained weight little by little until I was 1lb away from 240. When I stood on the scale and saw that number I was horrified and realized something had to be done. Then began my trying-and-failing fitness journey that, up until recent days, has almost completely absorbed my thoughts and was ultimately part of every decision I made.

When I ate, what I ate, how much I ate, when I exercised, how much I exercised, what type of exercise, when I went to bed, when I rose in the morning, and on and on it went. I went through phases of hating food, hating exercise, and hating sugar, to loving food too much, to being overly passionate about exercise, and indulging in sugar.

Occasionally I found the happy medium and it was always such a sweet spot to be in! But it never lasted long.

God was gracious to help me in losing 60lbs over the course of multiple years which left me at 180 and I was happy with that.

2020’s whole Covid situation has allowed me to stop and enjoy my food and fitness, but this caused me to also gain 20lbs. I immediately went to God when I found out and knew I could not stand this fitness/health roller-coaster any longer. The last couple months I have been praying about what to do, asking God to keep my eyes focused on Him no matter what happens.

So… using different resources, which I will share with you overtime, God has been showing me what to do to find lasting peace in the physique world and I am so excited to put it to practice!


Everyone knows what head knowledge is right? When you learn something or know the truth about a situation this is called head knowledge. But who you are and how you act is what you think in your Heart, what you truly believe about yourself whether you are willing to admit it or not. It is about 18 inches from your head to your heart and this my friend is “My 18inch Journey.” I plan to change my belief system towards fitness and health, so I can change my actions, because the bible says as I think in my heart, NOT my head, so am I.

Sneak-Peek at Day One

My Running Journal Excerpt

December 4th, 2020

Praise God! I can’t believe I actually got in 4.7 miles. I was planning on doing four and a half but the way my right hamstring felt I wasn’t even sure about that. A lady gave me a thumbs up out her car window and said “Great Job!”, which was very encouraging! A little past my half way point my route home was closed due to a crew working on some tree trimming along the road, so I had to turn around and back track which made my run about .25 miles longer than I was planning. I’ve been praying about whether I am more of a fast runner, such as 5 and 10k distance or if maybe God made me a distance runner, such as half and full marathons, and as crazy as it may sound I’m actually considering or dreaming about ultra-marathons. Makes me laugh just thinking about it. But anyway God has been very good this morning. I still have quite a bit to do today but He has fit in a lot already and I thank Him for it.

Sneak-Peek at Day Two

My Running Journal Excerpt

December 5, 2020

Recovery Run – Can’t wait to increase my miles again! I feel really good today. My feet feel a little sore so I need to do some foam rolling and massaging. I never realized how negatively I think about myself concerning health and fitness. I kept putting myself down when I couldn’t complete the number of sit-ups I wanted, the length of planks, or the lunges properly. I wonder if my fitness started declining when I allowed it to take control of my life. My body is meant to serve me, not the other way around.

Coming up next week:

I am bringing to you my very first book review! I can’t wait and pray that you or someone you know can be blessed by it!

So until Monday, Happy Running Ya’ll!

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