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My 18inch Journey

(Written on Day 53)

Last week I was extra hungry, but not the unsatisfied hunger, I just felt like I needed more food than normal, which in turn made me feel like I was eating more than I should.  I knew I had ran a total of 22.7 miles throughout the week, which required more fuel, but the lies in my heart cried out, “Don’t eat that, you’ll gain weight!” Or “I’m getting hungry, If I eat this is it going to counteract the calories that I burned during my workouts?”

Nonetheless God gave me the grace to eat what I felt my body needed and to leave the results of this Journey up to Him.  He kept reminding me of how He loved me no matter what I did, no matter what I ate, and no matter what kind of fitness level I was at.  He loves me the same every day, on good days and bad, never more and never less.  I am accepted by Him and don’t need mans approval.  God actually led me to put two sticky notes on my calendar last week which was used to help defeat the negative thoughts going through my mind.

You are loved!

You never regret a workout, so just do it!

Sunday is my weigh in day and to be honest I was a little nervous.  In the morning I was in the mood for an iced latte and the first thought that went through my head was, “Don’t you think you should check how much you weigh first?”  Immediately I recognized that as from the enemy because I have been learning over the last fifty-three days to detect what God says about food and fitness and what He does not.  I decided to have the iced latte and enjoy every drop of it, kind of as a way of telling satan,

“take a hike, I’m not listening to you.”

After taking my first few sips of coffee, while breakfast was in the oven, I weighed myself… I was shocked to see that I had lost four pounds!  I was so happy!  That’s a total of seven pounds since I started!  That on top of how much better my workouts are, how satisfied physically and spiritually I am, how much peace and enjoyment I have when making decisions on my health and fitness… there have been so many changes God has done with my heart during this 18inch Journey, how could I not recommend this as a way of life for others?!  Please try it!!

Sunday afternoon God took me to this quote by Corrie ten Boom,

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow.  It empty’s today of its strength.” 

Corrie ten Boom

Powerful!  I want this to be a way of life not just in my physique world but for everything I do throughout the day.

Praise God for His wonderful ways!!

Until next time,

Happy Running Y’all!

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