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Let God Love You

Let God Love You

As I listened to a podcast, a couple years ago, by Emma Mae McDaniel, she talked about how God had been telling her,

“Let Me Love You.”

That struck my heart immediately, as if God was saying it directly to me. 

So I began to tell God, “I want to let you love me.  You say in Romans 8:32, ‘He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?’ Will you show me how much you love me?  Will you show me more of yourself?  Show me who you really are.”

Every day, my relationship with Christ gets sweeter and sweeter, as He answers that prayer. It amazes me how much He loves me and how blind I have been to seeing it.  I was so locked up from receiving His love, because of so many lies and fears, that it was halting any intimacy between the two of us.

One of the lies that kept me from feeling close to God, was the fact that in my mind I had Him in a box.  This box kept Him from doing anything in my life that I felt was not scriptural.  And because God is a gentleman and will not force anyone to do anything, He never left the box I had put Him in.

Overtime, God led me to let Him out of the box.  He said He wanted to do so much more with my life than what I was letting Him do.  The things He was leading me to do was supposed to bring blessings in my life, but because they didn’t fit in the category of what I thought God would say, I ignored it, assuming I was not hearing from God, but rather myself or the enemy.

One of my favorite things that makes me feel so loved recently, is shopping with God.  Telling Him what I want or need and then keeping my eyes open for a good sale.  For some reason this is so much fun.  Before I surrendered everything to the Lord it would take years or months to find what I was looking for because God was more concerned about my focus on Him. But lately it only takes days, maybe weeks, because I don’t care anymore.  I have felt the love of God and am committed to surrendering everything to Him.  If it happens, great!  If it doesn’t, awesome, that means there is something better.

I realized that God is more concerned about us truly surrendering ourselves to the Lord, than He is about anything else.  You can be a Christian and still hold things back from God.  But because He loves you, He doesn’t leave you stuck behind those bars.  He knows there is so much more for you outside of your internal prison.  I truly believe that until someone experiences the love and reality of God, they cannot fully surrender themselves to the Lord.  They will not be able to trust Him.

So I challenge you, if you have a desire to fully die to yourself and live the abundant Christian life that God intends for you, let God out of the box and ask Him to show you how much He loves you.  Ask Him to open your eyes to the truth of HOW MUCH He loves you. 

I love you and pray you have a blessed week!  Happy Running!

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