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Walking on Water

Do you have what it takes?

Have you ever stood by a body of water and imagined the scene of Matthew 14 when Jesus walks on the Sea of Galilee?  Have you ever thought of the gut Peter must have had to walk on water himself?  Who cares if he started sinking, what about the amazing faith he had to actually get out of the boat and try it?  Now imagine yourself doing that!

For my warm up one morning, I walked down the road to where it was badly flooded from all the rain we had.  I took some pictures and stood there for a few short moments before starting my workout.  Later as I cooled down, I walked the same route back down to the water’s edge, except I didn’t make it all the way when the timer went off signaling it was time to head home.  I turned around and headed home, but something just wouldn’t leave me alone about going back to the flood.  I hesitated for a few seconds before finally turning around and sprinting back to the water. 

I stood on the edge, looking down the road and a thought popped in my head.  It was as if God asked,  “Why don’t you walk across?”  I laughed out loud before replying, “Very funny.”  But then Matthew 14 played out before my eyes as if I was watching a movie clip.  I saw the waves crashing against the boat as it rocked back and forth.  I watched as Peter asked Jesus if he could walk on water.  I saw Peter get out of the boat and begin walking to Jesus.  This imaginary scene played out in my mind quite rapidly but it left me with a question.

Do I have what it takes?

Do I have the faith to trust God with my future?

Do I have the faith to trust that God’s Word will always stand true?

Do I have the faith to completely surrender my life to Christ?

Do I really have the faith to ask Jesus if I can get out of the boat?  Do I have the faith to then get out of the boat?  Then do I have faith to let go of the boat?  And then to actually let go?  And then walk to Jesus?

Forget about what waves or storms might approach in the future, do I have the faith, right now, to take the steps God has given me?

I challenge you to pray about this:

Do you have faith that God really is who He says He is and will do what He says He will do?

Unkown Author

For two weeks I meditated on Hebrews 11:6 and the powerful concept of faith hidden in this one verse amazed me!  When I go to God, I MUST believe that He is who He says He is and WILL do what He says He will do!  Wow!  May God grant you the understanding of this powerful verse!

But until next time, Happy Running Ya’ll!

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