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Be the Person God Created You to Be – pt.2

Taking Care of What God has Entrusted Us

Within a two year period I was humiliated a few times on how I ran.  Slow, bouncy, I looked like a dying chicken and I was about to fall over… someone even asked if I was the walker that they’d seen go by their tree stand.  *face palm*  As time went on, I knew I could improve, but I went about changing it all in the wrong way.  I decided to research how others were doing it, trying to be like them.  I became very self-conscience about the way I looked and made sure to avoid people if I could. 

My form slowly got better, but I was wasting energy because it was not efficient.  I started getting injured, which had rarely occurred before this all happened, and thus my training greatly suffered.

Taken from “Be the Person God created you to be” – pt.1

Two weeks ago I promised to continue this story, but to be honest it took some thought to figure out what actually happened.  When you are the main actor in a story sometimes life can fly by without you even realizing what is going on. (If you missed Part One click here to read it.)

Yesterday when I was enjoying a 15 mile bike ride, I asked God to teach me something.  Within minutes I passed this overgrown, old farm house.  It could have been a beautiful piece of property, but because the owners had, for one reason or another, neglected to care for the land’s basic needs, it was now beat up and rugged.  The white siding was old and discolored, the weeds were far past my knees, junk was everywhere, and the driveway was barely visible amongst the grasses. 

Have you ever passed such a place? 

When I saw that house, I instantly saw its potential and felt saddened by how it now looked.  What happened to cause such a scene?  What tragedy has the owners gone through?  What pain must they be enduring to be callused by the way things looked around them?  Maybe they have worn themselves out and are now depressed.  Perhaps a love one died and they can’t seem to get motivated in letting go of the past and moving on.  However they may also have experienced physical trauma or have a medical condition, of which I feel bad that no one is willing to help them or maybe the owner does not want help, of which makes me wonder why.

As you probably know, weeds don’t need much to grow – they don’t even seem to need water – they grow everywhere and in any condition.  In your experience, how long does it take for weeds to take over?  Not much time right?  Weeds can creep up without us knowing it and if we continue telling ourselves “tomorrow I’ll take care of it,” we will never get to it and before long they have taken over. 

Our mind is like a garden, what we plant there will grow and produce seed.  Good thoughts will produce good fruit.  Bitterness, hatred, self-condemnation, lies, etc. will produce more of the same.

As I contemplated what I had seen at the farm house, God also brought to mind that how I saw the potential of that house, so He sees that when He looks at us.  If you are a Christian, God sees Jesus in you and the great potential of who you are becoming!  He sees the bad fruit in our life and prunes it.  He sees the good fruit and wants to fertilize and take care of it so it produces more.  How great is that!  We don’t have to do it, we just have to let Him!

I pray we can all grasp this perspective.  That we might see the good in people and who they are becoming, as well as realizing who God sees us to be.

It doesn’t matter who I tried to be like when I ran, it wasn’t me.  It doesn’t matter who criticized the way I ran, it still wasn’t me, I was and still am, a working progress.  Read about Eric Liddel.  Everyone deeply criticized how he ran.  They deemed him unfit and not able to win the Olympic medal, but you know what?  He continued being himself and won the gold in the 400meter!  God had given him a gift and it didn’t matter what other people said, he was going to use his running for God.

Take care of what God has given you.  Your body, property, mind, house, etc.  He that is faithful in little will be also faithful in much.

Happy Running Ya’ll!

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