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Be the Person God Created you to Be

And bloom where you are planted.

Within a two year period I was humiliated on how I ran.  Slow, bouncy, I looked like a dying chicken and I was about to fall over… someone even asked if I was the walker that they’d seen go by their tree stand.  *face palm*  As time went on, I knew I could improve, but I went about changing it all in the wrong way.  I decided to research how others were doing it, trying to be like them.  I became very self-conscience about the way I looked and made sure to avoid people if I could. 

My form slowly got better, but I was wasting energy because it was not efficient.  I started getting injured, which had rarely occurred before this all happened, and thus my training greatly suffered.

To be continued…

God created each of us to live life with Him.  He enjoys working as a team.  In Genesis, Enoch and Noah have a record of walking with God. (See Genesis 5:24 and 6:9) Micah encouraged us to humbly walk with God. (See Micah 6:8)  All throughout the Bible we see God’s heart of wanting to work with us.  He doesn’t want us to do it on our own and He doesn’t want to do it on His own. 

Some would say that the Christian life is about following Jesus, of which I whole-heartedly agree.  But if we look at the bible as a whole, we see that God wants us to follow Him so closely that we are literally walking with Him, under the shadow of His wing, hand-in-hand.  In order to be in someone’s shadow, how close do you have to be?  How close do you have to be in order to hold hands?  Pretty close I’d say.

A lot of times we seem to see ourselves as Jesus’ servants, “Lord, tell me what to do and I’ll do it.”  Though we should do this because when we gave our lives to Christ, essentially we were saying that Jesus is our Lord, we so easily leave out the other element of this relationship.  Jesus is now not just our Lord and Savior, He is our brother and counselor, and God is our Father. 

When you go on a date, whether it be with friends or a special someone, do you invite them to go with you, or do you just imagine they are there?  Of course you would invite them otherwise it would be silly to go on a date at all, right?  Why would we imagine Jesus was with us each day without inviting Him into our day-to-day lives?

For some of you this may make no sense at all, that is okay, that just means this is not for you. But to others, this may spark something inside of you and that is why I created a private Facebook group for people who want to live with Jesus each and every day, instead of living life with a bunch of rules.  This is not to say you should chuck all the principles and commandments throughout the Bible, no, instead just the opposite.  I encourage you to jump into a relationship with Jesus so that when you obey Him it is out of pure love and not duty.  The burdens of your heart can be totally lifted as you give them to Christ, you can learn to be the person God created you to be, rather than trying to be someone else, and then you can live in freedom while blooming where you are planted.

Is it all just about changing your perspective?  Perhaps, but you won’t know for sure until you try it.  That’s why I am also creating a free 5-day online challenge called, Get out of the Box and Run in Freedom.  If you are interested you can find out more here.

Until Next Time, I love ya’ll and pray you have a blessed week,

Happy Running!

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