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Seek to Understand Rather than to be Understood

How Being Intuitive can Change your Life

I came across this phrase while listening to a podcast about a month ago and absolutely loved it!  Seek to understand rather than to be understood!  Wow, how powerful!

Not only can this be used in human to human connections, but in understanding our body and soul.  I am amazed the more and more I become an intuitive person how much better my life can be!  God can work through our intuition as well – which in my opinion is really the Holy Spirits work in us, rather than just our conscience.  By practicing this it has drawn me closer to Christ and farther away from stress and worry.

I started out being intuitive with what I ate.  In the beginning I wanted a lot of sweets and chocolate, but after giving my body that, I began craving fatty foods and fruit.  I became so satisfied when I ate that I actually began eating less.  Well okay I have to confess, sometimes after a long run I eat more than less, but you get the point.

Next was being intuitive in creating content for my career.  When I had an inspiration to create a blog post, or podcast, or just simply edit my website, I did it.  And because of the inspiration and passion I had at that moment, it was created from my heart and with more enthusiasm.

Following close behind that was my quiet time with God.  At first this was kind of scary because God would lead me to skip reading the bible and go out for a run conversing with Him, or lead me to listen to a sermon.  My idea of the correct “quiet time” was being challenged and I wasn’t sure if God was leading me to do this or my own flesh.  But I began to love it!  If I wake up in the morning and want to spend an hour in prayer with a verse or two, then I do. If I wake up and feel like listening to the Bible while I run, I do.  Most of the time I prefer to rise while it’s still dark and get my quiet time of prayer, bible reading, and devotional in then, but life throws curveballs and sometimes they became a blessing in disguise.  My devotions became more about a relationship with Jesus than something I had to do every day.

And lastly, I have been working on intuitive training.  This has been challenging, as I am not used to listening to my body.  I normally just do what I want when I want and if I hurt take a few days off.  When you are training for something specific you can’t very well do that.  So I have been needing to learn the difference between pain and discomfort, my brain telling me to stop as opposed to my body telling me to stop, and whether I should move my training runs to different days depending on how my body feels. 

Through being intuitive I also realized that it can be dangerous.  We need to learn the difference between a good desire and bad desire by staying in a relationship with God.  He created us with feelings for a reason, use them but be careful, we still have a sinful nature that we must bring into captivity.  Our fleshful intuition can lead us down bad paths that are not worth even considering.  Therefore we must stop trying to convince our mind or our flesh of what is right, we must stop and ask ourselves, “What am I feeling right now?  Is it good, does it line up with scripture and God’s character?  If so, why not do it?  Or is it sinful?  If so, why am I feeling this way?  Is there something I need to take to the Lord and deal with right now?”

This phrase has literally changed my life in subtle ways and I get so much more done and with a better attitude.  This isn’t to say there will still be times when we have to do something we should whether we feel like it or not, because there is and there always will be so long as we live on this earth.  But we can learn to listen and understand rather than trying to get our points across – and as for relationships, this can make a world of a difference in an argument too. Just sayin!

I pray you have a wonderful week and fall in-love more with Jesus!

Happy Running Ya’ll!

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