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Why is it so Important for a Christian to Read the Bible?

Our success in life depends on our diet. Often we focus on physical nutrition, putting great emphasis on it.  Even if we don’t follow the guidelines that we know we should, we have the knowledge. 

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Tackling Your Nutrition in the Word and on the Table

Your Key to Success: Nailing down the basics; part five As runners, our success depends on our diet. I have seen this first hand and heard of it’s importance over the years.  Not only does it determine our success, it determines our health, joy, persistence, and life as an individual. Check out this weeks podcast… Continue reading Tackling Your Nutrition in the Word and on the Table

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The Perfect Morning Routine

I absolutely love my mornings!  My perfect morning routine changes as the years go by and consumes many of the morning hours, but when laid out, it looks pretty simple. Rise. Drink water and take minerals. Coffee. Quiet Time. Run. Breakfast. Work. I love this simple routine of mine, especially since I’m able to do… Continue reading The Perfect Morning Routine

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Why can’t I sleep?? There have been a few times throughout my life that I am exhausted throughout the day and can’t sleep at night, but this one particular night was awful.  I tossed and turned and couldn’t find a comfortable position to lay.  My mind was swirling with all types of anxieties, including that… Continue reading Insomnia

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Seek to Understand Rather than to be Understood

How Being Intuitive can Change your Life I came across this phrase while listening to a podcast about a month ago and absolutely loved it!  Seek to understand rather than to be understood!  Wow, how powerful! Not only can this be used in human to human connections, but in understanding our body and soul.  I… Continue reading Seek to Understand Rather than to be Understood

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How to Eat Healthy… It’s Easy!

Let's be Real... It's Not! “I wish I could eat healthy.”  Have you ever said that?  You know the drill.  Start a diet excited.  Get through the first week and crave something bad. Resistance only lasts so long before you have no desire to eat healthy anymore.  You miss the doughnuts, pizza, ice-cream, candy, pop… … Continue reading How to Eat Healthy… It’s Easy!