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Marathon Training – Knowing Your Why

Have you ever set yourself up to accomplish a goal or task and half way through wondered why you’re doing it?

That’s what I’ve been thinking for the last few days – Why am I training to run 26.2 miles?? 

People have said it doesn’t matter what your “why” is, you just need to have one so that when you ask yourself down the road “Why am I doing this?” you can remind yourself.

For me, I am running this marathon because I feel called by God to do so.  I cannot come up with any other reason.  And to be honest if God had not called me to be a runner I would probably not be a runner at all.  I had said for years that I would never run a marathon, yet I catch myself during long runs contemplating being an ultra runner.

But why?  I have no reason other than for this season of my life this is what God has put in my heart to do and I purpose by His strength to run this race that He has set before me.

Can anyone relate??

When I posted this on social media I received the following comment:

“When you cross the finish line you will know. There is nothing like it. In the final miles, you will be questioning your very existence. If an angel appeared to you and offered death, you would take it. But then you pass the 24 mile marker, and know you are almost there. Your legs refuse to move, but your mind is stronger. Then you pass the 25 mile marker. You tell yourself that anyone can run a mile. You pray to God, just let me finish, and I will never do another bad thing again, ESPECIALLY something as nuts as running a marathon. But you still would rather be dead. Then you pass the 26 mile marker. Magic happens. You don’t feel pain anymore. The agony of the last hour is drowned out by people cheering. The legs that refused to cooperate for the last 8 miles, suddenly start working. You run across the finish line, people are going crazy for you, and that painful grimace that was frozen on your face for eternity, suddenly becomes an ear to ear smile. You get a drink. You get a medal. You get to sit down, and maybe even fall down. You get to cry if you want. You’ve never felt like this before. You’ve never hurt so bad, but felt so good. You suddenly know why you did it. When you get out of the nice warm bath that afternoon, you start looking for your next one…”

– Anonymus

I want to encourage you that right now you may not have an in depth reason for why you do something. But you will, trust the process and enjoy it.  Rest in Jesus’ arms and take each day at a time.  I’ve learned in other areas that the final reward is so worth the hard effort we put in.  Keep going, one step at a time!

Happy Running Ya’ll!

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