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It’s Your Choice – Faith or Fear??

Fear says, “Look at how far you have left.”

But Faith says, “Look at how far you’ve come.”

Faith is of God. 

Fear is of the devil. 

You cannot have one while you have the other. 

One will rule, while the other cries. 

Faith pleases God. 

Fear delights the devil. 

Faith consists of trusting God to keep His Word, while fear doubts and plagues the mind causing depression and anxiety.

Which one do you have?  What do you worry about?  What plagues your mind with intrusive statements that causes you to react in unpleasant ways?  What consumes your mind?

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee:  because he trusteth in thee.”

Isaiah 26:3

Trust – Belief – Faith… They are all the same.  Peace – Joy – Hope… These are bi-products of the first three.

It’s your choice.  One of the simplest most powerful things I have ever done is to simply tell fear, “NO!”  It’s really that simple.  For me “No” can sometimes sound like this:

Fear:  You have a 17 mile run coming up and your feet hurt.  Sounds like Achilles tendonitis, well looks like you’re done.  No marathon for you.  Too bad.

Faith:  I know I have 17 miles to run on Saturday and I know my feet hurt.  But with God all things are possible.  It’s only Tuesday, if I take care of it, it’s possible I could stay on schedule.  But if not then that is okay, I can try to run it on Monday, or next Saturday.  If I don’t get to run the marathon then hey, I’m not sure I mind that too much.  Anyway, I’m not listening to you.  My God loves me and it’s okay if I don’t get to run today.  I’d rather take a couple days off and be behind schedule than not be able to run for weeks or months because of an injury.

If you give into fear, God will allow your fear to come to pass.

If you live in faith, anything is possible.

I love ya’ll and am praying for you, Happy Running!

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