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The Power our Mind has Over our Body

When I first started running I knew it was going to be a mental battle, but I didn’t realize to what extent!  Six years later, I still haven’t fully grasped this concept.  I just read last week that when we think our body has nothing left to give, we’ve only used 40% of our reserves!  How crazy is that??  Most professionals and coaches will tell you that 80% of running is mental, only 20% is physical.

Running is almost all mental, both for ourselves and for people watching us.  Well, okay, non-runners wonder why we run, while at the same time we wonder why they don’t, so I guess it’s both sided.  But anyway, there have been multiple times that I have pushed through painful muscles to realize that I really did have way more strength than I had originally thought.  And I can almost guarantee that if you are a runner, you have experienced the same thing.

Take last Monday’s run for example.  I went out planning on doing between 5-6 miles of hills, keeping it easy, which meant that stopping or walking was permitted.  Yet a half mile in I decided to do five continuous miles, which I very rarely have done on a flat surface, let alone on hills! I kept telling myself, just slow and continuous.

Well, I hit four miles and thought, “Hmm, what would another mile be like before I head home?”  So after a few moments of thought, I continued doing slow hill repeats till I got to mile 5, “Hmm, what about another half mile?”  So I did and then headed home. 

There were a few hills on the way back so it crossed my mind again, “Why not add enough hill repeats on this hill to make a grand total of seven continuous miles on hills?”  After some mental calculations and debate on how long this run should be heading into a taper for my half marathon race, I decided seven miles would be good to shoot for, so I did. 

Ya’ll, seven continuous miles for me is a huge milestone, especially on hills, so I knew in that instant that my mind had been holding me back for much too long.  I focused on another five continuous miles four days later and successful completed it, though this time it was on a flat road since I had finally entered into taper mode. 

Looking back in hindsight I began realizing that the times I have run continuous miles was a huge mental battle.  I realized that the power my mind had over my body was more than just significant, it was monumental and if I could tap into this tool, it could very easily be revolutionary to my running career.

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus

Philippians 2:5

In what areas have you seen that your mind controls what you do?  Can you see how our mind could affect our spiritual life as well?  Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

I love you all, Happy Running!

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