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When You Trip, Don’t Give Up

Consistency isn’t about doing it perfect.  It’s about falling and getting back up again.  It’s about not giving up, and if you do, that’s okay.  Come back to it and start running again. 

Consistency is about choosing how you want to live your life and where you want to be in the future, realizing all your choices will add up and create what happens and who you will become.

I learned a valuable lesson recently on how much consistency pays off and the balance we should have as a Christian.

In November last year (2022), I had this goal of continuing to run every day until training started in March this year (2023).  I knew it was an unrealistic goal since the holidays were coming up as well as my sister’s wedding.  But I also knew that I couldn’t just quit running otherwise I would lose the fitness I had worked so hard to obtain up to this point.

We got super busy.  Morning light was not enough to run before the day needed to be started.  Shopping, planning, prepping, and hosting different events, took up the majority of my time. When I wasn’t busy it was either too dark or I was tired and knew I should rest.

I wanted to give up several times.  There was two separate weeks I didn’t run at all because it was too hard to try and make the time.  I was so close to completely giving up running entirely.  I was mentally exhausted.

Yet I kept getting back up.  God would pull me off my knees and onto the road to get a workout in.  Sometimes it was only three times a week, sometimes it was only twice, but I had an inner determination to keep trying.  I kept praying for strength and I began creating an idol out of running because I was constantly wondering when I could get my workout in.

Eventually I decided to let God take control of the workouts and figured I would just run when the time was available.   Shortly after the holidays and wedding, time was more readily available and I could tell that first week that I had lost some of my fitness.  I was slightly agitated, but knew I just needed to get out there and do what needed to be done to make up for lost time. Over the next month I was able to get three good workouts in a week along with some walking on off days to get my mileage back up.

Through this I learned how important consistency was, but also how when life throws us storms and the trail gets muddy, we need to get back up when we fall. Consistency isn’t about perfection, it’s about getting back up and continuing to try.

Next week I’ll be sharing some tips I have gathered from others on how to stay consistent, but until then remember this: When you trip, don’t give up!  Keep going!  God’s got you!

Happy Running!

For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief.

Proverbs 24:16

The Simplicity of Christianity

If you haven’t heard, I finally finished my newest book on what I have learned about living the Christian life as a runner. God blessed me so much during this entire process and I am excited to finally get it out to you!

The main theme of the book intertwines my journalings from my last training block for a race, with what I have learned to be the fundamentals to living with the abundant life that Jesus promised His followers. It’s about…

Changing your life from an, “I have to” Christianity, to “I get to!”

You can learn more about it here. It is only available as a free PDF download at the moment. We will see if the Lord leads for it to be published in print format down the road. But for now, enjoy and be encouraged!

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