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How to Balance Intuitiveness with Self-Control

And Why it’s so Important for a Christian Runner

Intuitiveness was given to us by God at the time of creation and He said that, “behold, it was very good.” (Gen. 1:31)

Self Control however is given to us as part of the fruit of the Spirit.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. Gal 5:22-23

The definition of temperance is not always a say “No”, but actually moderation in whatever is good.  Because a lot of times too much of a good thing is not always good.


This can more easily be identified by looking at our bodies hunger cues.  When we are hungry, our body needs food.  We can also learn what types of food our body needs by what we are craving.  Craving healthy foods can be given to our body, but if the food you crave is unhealthy, there is substitute you can have, such as healthy carbs in place of sugar or magnesium rich foods instead of chocolate. (Not saying chocolate is bad though!)

We are called to love others and when we get an urge to show an act of love towards someone, we should do it because at that moment it is from our heart and will be received by the recipient in a greater way.

Also, as a writer, I have learned the importance of writing something down as soon as it comes to your mind because most likely you will not remember it later.

Intuitiveness could be seen as a feeling to do something, which can be used for God’s glory if we are careful.


This is a quality a lot of us say we wish we had.  But the truth is, if we are a true beliver, we do have it.  It is a fruit of the Holy Spirit inside of us.  What we should be saying instead is, “Lord, give me grace to say Yes to your Spirit, and No to my flesh.” 

Because we are sinful humans, following our intuitiveness can be dangerous.  This is why we must rely on the Holy Spirit to lead us and we must ask God to change our hearts to obey His leading.

Just recently God convicted me of accusing Him for a problem that was really my doing.  I have struggled with my weight for years.  My fitness has been great and continues to improve, but my fat weight continues to stay the same.  Any weight I loose, I gain back during a stressful time in my life. I began asking God why He wouldn’t give me my request of helping me get thinner when He opened my eyes to see how many times the Spirit would nudge me not to eat something and I didn’t listen. It wasn’t His fault.  He was doing His part.  I wasn’t doing mine.  I needed self-control… immediate obedience to the initial promptings of God’s Spirit.

What’s Been Going On Here?!

I hate having to skip so many podcast episodes, but I have not been having the time to record any on Be Still and Run by Alli Anne because I have been working on the booklet, The Simplicity of Christianity, like I promised you. I am super excited to announce that it is finally available!!! I pray that God would use it for His glory to draw ladies closer to Him. You will be able to find it at It is free for you to download and share with others as you feel the Lord lead. Lord willing, I would like to get a hard copy version available for those who want to buy a physical copy, but for now, enjoy the PDF version.

I Love ya’ll! May God continue to draw you closer to Him! Happy Running and have a great week.

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