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Tips and Encouragement from Others on How to Stay Consistent

Consistency is what allows trials and faith workouts to grow you into someone stronger and totally new!  Hopefully this list can give you some ideas and encouragement to stay consistent. 

Just remember…

 there is no perfect formula. 

God created everyone differently, and as you’ll see below, everyone has things that work better for them than others.  Take an idea, try it, if it doesn’t work, try something else.  A helpful tip that I have come across, when looking at lists like these, is asking God to show me what will work for me.  He always leads me to just the right one, so don’t be afraid to ask Him which one you should try for yourself! 

I love ya’ll and can’t wait to jump into next month’s topic of Stretching!  God has been doing so much to prepare me for this and I’m excited to share with you what He has been doing in my own life! 

  • I stay consistent on my health products: leaving them by my bedside at night, carrying extra in my bag for work.  Setting phone reminders for tasks to do.  Make a check mark list.  WRITE IT DOWN. Be a part of a support group.  But my biggest thing is my check off list! – Saryssa
  • The same way… you do anything; you have to move forward!!!!…when walking, running, driving, thinking, reading, praying, etc. – Phil
  • Have accountability, maybe team up with someone else in the activity you want to stay consistent on, and keep each other accountable. – Kay
  • … Accountability has been huge in my being able to stay consistent when it comes to my nutrition and exercise routines I’ve established over the last 3 years! – Kristen
  • Follow the same patter or list each day.  Like: brush, floss, rinse.  Or launder and dry clothes that need folded immediately first, then launder towels and sheets that can stay in the dryer. – Ruth
  • Have a list of goals for the week written in a planner.  Then give yourself specific thing to do and write that down on the days of the week in your planner.  Have the kind of planner that is spiral so you can leave it open to the current day to see what you need to get done that day.  When you check mark off what you have done you are making yourself accountable to do it.  If you don’t complete it that day rewrite it in the next day.  Not letting it slide. – Judy
  • Don’t over schedule.  Consistency takes commitment.  For moms with three or more kids, is best to let them know that consistency is rarely achieved, so just pick a couple things throughout the day to be constant with and be happy with that.  The rest you gotta just learn to roll with. – Amy
  • Accountability partners.  If you can’t find one in the real world there’s plenty of online communities that can be used as accountability partners… – Jon
  • …having an accountability partner is super helpful. – Mike
  • …100% concur with Jon’s statement about accountability partners… – Kevin
  • Whether we like it or not, we all wear our priorities on our skeleton, for all the world to see.  Consistency is a byproduct of our priorities… we are consistent at whatever is important to us.  The trick to health and fitness, is making health and fitness important enough.  If you can do that, consistency takes care of itself.  If you find yourself making excuses, and being inconsistent, it simply isn’t important enough to you.  Which is ok too, because life is a choice. – Dean
  • There’s a lot of brain research around this… When you do initiate and engage in a level of consistency, there are … new pathways… that deepen learning and engender meaning.  When this happens, you unlock a feature about youself that you didn’t know and adapt for the better.  As you start being consistent, your brain is also changing for the right reasons… The process is the primary catalyst to want more once you experienced that personal growth/success. – Antwan
  • There are 2 things you need to be consistent. 1) will power and dedication.  Nobody can give you this.  Just get out the door or step on the mill or whatever.  Hardest part is to start. 2) don’t overdo it.  It’s not about thumping your chest and killing yourself.  It’s good to occasionally do that but more important is all the boring stuff.  The daily 3 and 4 miles which become 6-8 miles in a couple years.  It’s easy to look around and feel you’re not doing enough… But it’s super important to listen to that voice inside. When you’re body says stop, then don’t push for another 5 miles.  When it says go, go cautiously.  When it says I need rest, rest.  It’s the hardest thing to learn because there is a fine line between listening to your body needing rest and giving in to laziness. – Alen
  • To me, fitness is like rolling a big rock up the hill, if you don’t keep pushing, it rolls back.  I think of the prior work I’m giving up when I quit being consistent.  And the hill gets steeper as you get older. –Sean
  • …as always, use it or lose it! –Jim
  • To stay consistent, you have to track your progress constantly.  Celebrate even the tiniest of successes.  Because that’s the best way to keep yourself motivated… -Risa

Check out Be Still and Run by Alli Anne podcast episodes #37 and #38 on Consistency using your favorite platform.

The Simplicity of Christianity

If you haven’t heard yet, I finished the ebook on living the Christian life from a runners perspective this month!  I am so excited to see how God uses it. 

The main theme is on Changing your life from an “I have to” Christianity, to “I get to!” 

God taught me so much through my last training block for the Mo Half that related to the Christian life in many areas. I compiled all of this into seven parts with encouragement and simple steps you can take to draw closer to Jesus, becoming full, and I mean full, of joy, peace, hope, love and Himself!!

Give God a chance. Taste and see that He is good.  You didn’t learn what your favorite food was by others telling you about it, you tasted it and fell in love. (Ha. Fun analogy there, especially since I love food!)

Anyway, if you want to learn more click here or to download it straight away click here! And I forgot to mention, it’s totally free to download, so enjoy! 

Until next time, Happy Running!

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