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What Do You Love About Running?

Running has become a big part of my life. It’s become a platform from which God teaches me a lot about life. It has become very important to me. Even though it started out with a simple intention to try something new, it eventually led to a love/hate relationship.  Now that I’ve had four days… Continue reading What Do You Love About Running?

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Why am I doing this?

As I ran through the park during a 5k race, the thought finally crossed my mind.  The thought that I had never had but had always heard of.   It came by surprise at the time and I was dead serious.  Why am I doing this?!  I hate running and I’m never running again. It shocked… Continue reading Why am I doing this?

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What is God’s Purpose in Pain?

Many of us hate pain.  Actually, I’ve yet to meet someone who loves pain.  Even as a runner, I guarantee most do not like the painful part of working out. There have been a couple times I have almost passed out because of too much pain.  Some throw-up, some have anxiety attacks; the reactions vary… Continue reading What is God’s Purpose in Pain?

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7 things to do on Valentine’s Day as a Single Person

 February 14th is surrounded by roses, chocolates, and “I love you” from our special someone.   As a single person it can sometimes hurt to watch all the couples exchange gifts and go on dates while we are left alone.  “When will it be my turn?” can sometimes be all we can think.  Here are seven… Continue reading 7 things to do on Valentine’s Day as a Single Person

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How to Be Content in Running this Life Alone

I've learned many things in my singleness and one of them is that learning to love Jesus first is the best thing we can do to stay content!

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My Story of Transformation was Anything But Perfect

My soul craved something... yet I didn't know what it was till I discovered what an intimate relationship with Christ truly was!

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How to Run for Excellence Rather than Perfection

Running to the best of your ability is way more enjoyable and realistic than shooting for an impossible picture of perfectionism.