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Rosella’s Dilemma

5 Things You Can Do When People Ask for Advice

Rosella’s Dilemma

As the sky began to darken so did Rosella’s heart.  The sun was setting much too quickly for her ever growing list and the triplets continued screaming their heads off.  Peeling potatoes was, yes, a blessing, but seemed to be an extra hard task, seemingly dreadful at the moment.  Oh how she longed for a cup of tea curled up in her favorite reading nook near the west window, overlooking what she knew to be a beautiful sunset.  She glanced up from her work and deeply sighed.  How was she going to make it through the week, much less tonight?

To be continued…                            

People are looking for advice every day.  Most of the time they search their own minds, yet some may look it up on the internet or join forums to discuss what they should do in a particular situation.  As Christians we need to always look to God for wisdom, but if the Lord has blessed you with an older mentor you should take it because they are life-savers sent by God himself.  But what happens if someone comes to you for advice?  Do you know where to direct them or how to respond?

Here are some things I have learned to do when someone asks for advice:

  1. Pray, quick and fervently!  We don’t want our words coming out, but we should rather want to allow Jesus to use and speak through us as His vessel.  If calling or meeting with someone, try to pray ahead of time for wisdom and ask God to guard my lips. Fasting prior can help if the situation is extreme, but don’t fast during the meeting unless you are well aware that your drop in blood sugar does not prevent you from thinking clearly.
  2. Listen to the problem and ask for details if they are willing.  This really helps me be able to process what they are asking for help with.  This can make the person feel one of two ways so be aware – it can make them feel like you really care about them and their situation or it can feel like you are encroaching on their personal space and it will make them close up.
  3. Encourage them to do what they feel the Lord is asking of them (unless it clearly goes against scripture) because each individual person is in a unique situation and God does not like being in a box.
  4. As an individual be and stay in an intimate relationship with God so that your actions can do most of the talking.  Hypocrisy can actually tell a person to do the opposite of what we are encouraging them to do.
  5. Always direct Christians back to God as much as possible.  The Christian life is about a relationship with Christ and this should always be our goal. If it is a non-believer asking for your help then be aware that most humans have been spiritually hurt or abused in their past, so be careful with how you present scripture and prayer to them, you do not want to turn them away.

Rosella’s Dilemma Continued…

Tears started streaming down Rosella’s cheeks as she recalled all the happy moments of her and Johns dating years.  She had been so looking forward to marriage and having children.  Her wedding was like a dream come true and everything turned out perfectly.  When the couple found out they were expecting it was as if Rose’s heart had left this world in a dream as she prepared for the coming baby.  Getting the ultrasound brought joy unspeakable.  But at that doctors appointment one baby turned into three!  Oh what bliss and excitement had filled the couple’s life then!

But now, two months later, the happiness had all but disappeared and the triplets were becoming a heavy burden.  Rosella wanted so bad some relief and would give anything for some time alone and in the quiet.  She missed the early morning runs she would take, just her and God with no responsibilities.  Part of her missed her single, almost care-free life, but every time this thought entered her mind she would cast it down and scold herself for being so discontent.  She knew Johns work schedule picked up this time of year so she didn’t want to complain to him.  Yet each day left her feeling a little more depressed and she was beginning to get desperate.

Thinking back on your own life, the trials and hard times you have gone through, how would you advise Rosella if she came to you for help?

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