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3 Tips on How to Be more Consistent

Self-Control isn’t just saying the word “no”, it’s realizing that you make a choice no matter what you decide to do, whether it’s give in or not.

Consistency is not just detrimental to advancing, growing, or succeeding in any arena you enter, but it’s also huge in character building, to prepare you for the final receiving of what you are working for.  It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone has something they are working towards or at least a dream of what they would like to work for.  And I hate to break it to you but consistency, self-control, and discipline is the only thing that will get you to that final goal.

Decision making is often misunderstood as making only one choice.  But the reality is that when you are confronted with making a decision, you actually have two options, get closer to my goal, or grow farther away. If I decide to eat the cake I know I shouldn’t, I’m making the choice to eat it.  I’m making the choice to take longer to get to my goal of eating healthy.

As a runner, consistency is important to not only improve our fitness, but also to maintain it.  Around the Christmas season and into winter, I have a hard time getting my workouts in because I’m busy, there is a lack of daylight, and it’s cold.  By the time Spring comes around, my lack of consistency shows itself with workouts that normal would be easy as something too difficult to hold onto.

The same thing happens when we are trying to form a habit.  The more consistent we are with it, the easier it is to stick to it.

3 Tips on How to Be More Consistent

  1. Have a goal that excites you! Check out Problem #2 in this post for more on this: 3 Reasons Why You Might Be Lacking Motivation
  2. Pray for Strength and then keep putting one foot in front of the other, leaving the results up to God.
  3. Focus on God and His Love for You!

I have been having a difficult time with some things recently, hence the note at the bottom of last week’s blog post, so I hope to create a podcast episode on this before the week is up and go a little more in depth on these three tips, and possibly share a little bit about what’s been going on, but until then, Happy Running!

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