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Bouts of Depression

Bouts of Depression – For Ladies

Seven things that have helped me conquer feelings of depression revolving around my monthly cycle.

Last week I received a question concerning feelings of depression during a females cycle and I thought it might be of some value to others as well so I felt led to share my answer with the rest of you.  Hope it can be of some help to someone!

“… I can identify sometimes with feeling bouts of depression… or just feeling like giving up around that time of the month… what is the number one thing that helped you during those times?  I know Jesus is the only answer obviously, but sometimes in those moments it’s hard to make your will grasp the truth or believe it.  Any thoughts you have to share?”


Let me just start out by saying,

I totally understand. 

A lot of people will see a women going through sadness, grouchiness, or anger every month and assume they will get over it because it is just a phase.  We all shrug our shoulders and say that it’s normal.  This deeply saddens me because of the way it lets our bodies control our actions.  Ladies, we are more than conquerors in Christ, we do not have to let our fluctuating hormones control how we feel.  It is possible to take those feelings captive and set them at the feet of Jesus.  It is possible.

I’ll be honest in saying that every month 7-10 days before my period I used to be consumed with thoughts of depression and hopelessness.  It would always encourage me to think that within a few days the feelings would leave, but I hated being tossed to and fro in the wave of changing hormones.  Over time God has given me the grace in conquering these times and within the last few months I have actually been quite surprised with how the thoughts seem to be non-existent. 

“Wait, thoughts?” you say.  Yes!  I have learned that our feelings are a fire, either extinguished by our thoughts or fueled by them.  I truly believe that we have to CHOOSE to dwell on what is right and lovely because what we focus our attention on magnifies its reality – if you focus on pain (or a problem), the pain will seem much worse than it really is, whereas if we focus on scripture, the peace and joy that truth brings to Christians CAN consume our soul and lift our spirits!

Our feelings are a fire, either extinguished by our thoughts or fueled by them.

alli anne
Here are seven tips that may be of some help to you as you learn to deal with your changing hormones each month:
  1. Be confident in who you are in Christ and dwell on these truths consistently throughout the month so you will be better prepared to combat the feelings of depression when they do arise.
  2. Ask God to help you feel loved by Him.  This first starts with having a firm foundation of Who God is.  Find some scriptures that say how much God loves and cares about you and dwell on them throughout the month.  God created feelings and I truly believe that this is super important for us females.  God isn’t sitting up there in heaven shaking His head in disbelief that we have these feelings of depression.  He created them after all.  We just need to learn how to handle them.
  3. Practice taking your thoughts under control while you are joyful and happy by telling Jesus everything you are feeling. 
  4. Practice using your spiritual weapons when times are easy.  A soldier doesn’t go into battle without first practicing how to use the weapons in his arsenal.
  5. For a physical help, I have personally been taking a teaspoon of Maca powder every day seven days prior to my period.  I would research it for yourself in whether this may be an option for you.
  6. Don’t give the enemy room to work in your heart.  Be aware that he knows your weakness during certain times of the month and be prepared to combat him with the weapons of our warfare.  Resist him and draw nigh to God.
  7. And lastly, Pray!  Ask God to fill your soul with truth, peace, joy, and love.  Ask Him to help you focus on Him and others.  Ask Him to give you grace in dealing with times like these.  Ask, Ask, Ask.  God is more willing to give help than we are to ask Him for it.

Know that this is not an overnight cure.  But the more consistent you are with it, the faster it will change you.  And also remember that when someone works on a certain area in their life that it may get extra difficult or seem to get worse.  This is where looking into our 12:9 challenge may be extra helpful.  If you are interested in accessing this challenge get in contact with me and I will let you know as soon as I have it finished.

Happy Running Ya’ll – I love you ladies and am praying for you!  See ya soon!

P.S. Check out my next post here to read about a tactic I completely forgot about in how I deal with not just feelings of depression, but all negative feelings! After some practice it will do wonders in how you feel!

2 thoughts on “Bouts of Depression”

  1. Oh wow thanks Allison for this, this is from a guys point of view, we guys also get grumpy🙈 but it is seen as a problem to many people and sometimes that can help a guy to change because there is no excuse but for ladies you are so correct there are many things that can be seen as an excuse
    To be grumpy
    Or moody.
    I enjoyed reading this

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