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Is Running Solo Your Best Option

What Season of Life are You In

God made each one of us different.  Some of us are social people who like to talk with others and some of us are introverts who like to be alone.  There is nothing wrong with either one of these as long as we glorify God in it.  But still there are times even introverts want to be around people and extroverts want to be alone.

There are pros and cons to running solo.  You can get out there and clear your head while spending quiet, undistracted time enjoying God’s creation.  On the other hand, running with others can be encouraging, motivating and help push you beyond your limits.  As a solo runner I enjoy being alone, just me and God, seeing how far I can push myself.  I enjoy being able to mix up my schedule and not having to stick to a plan, (though sometimes that is not always a good thing).  When I run a race is usually the only time I run with others, and it’s during those times that the people give me extra motivation to push even harder.

In the race of life, God takes each of us through a season where we have to fully depend on Him and no one else.  Sometimes this means taking most everyone out of our life so it feels like we are all alone.    Jesus said He would never leave us nor forsake us, but have we fully embraced this or do we complain that we have no one.  There was a long phase in my life when I had no friends. God took each one of them away forcing me to find and cling to Jesus as my friend.  This changed my life!

 Maybe running solo would not be a bad thing for you right now.  Maybe God has you right where He wants you – in a position where you only need to reach out to Him for the comfort, encouragement, and friendship that only He can provide.  I have a friend whom I admire and look up to.  She is normally there when I need her, but she is still human, still has a life of her own, and can’t be there for me 24/7 like Jesus can.  As an extrovert, those times are very difficult for me, but I have grown to seize those days, because it is in her absence that Jesus reassures His love and care for me.  It’s normally in my seasons of being alone where I can truly be with God.

In running by ones-self, we can focus on God single-heartedly.  In running with others, He can speak through them, but it will never compare to having an intimate one-on-one relationship with God. 

Just you and Him! 

Ask God what season He may have you in right now.  Should you be running solo, focusing on God, or does He want to use you in others’ lives?  Does He want to use others to encourage and push you farther?  Would just focusing on allowing Jesus to fulfill you right now, help you better run the race of life?  Maybe you already know where He wants you.  Then friend, I challenge you to embrace that season of your life, whatever it may be.  I have learned that running alone can be just as sweet as running with others.

I love ya’ll!  Happy Running!

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