The Life Jacket

Letting Go of the Boat Have you ever had that one endeavor, that one dream, or that one task that just seems so daunting?  I have.  A lot of them!  Ones that seem so far out of reach that they are like mere fantasies rather than things that could actually become reality.    God hasContinue reading “The Life Jacket”

Is Your Vision 2020?

New Year resolutions, goals, decisions, purposes, hopes, dreams, prayers, intentions…  Everybody talks about it.  Some of the most common have to do with health, weight loss, money, and ending bad habits.  I mean that’s what our life revolves around right?  We need money to live and most everything we do, because we live in ourContinue reading “Is Your Vision 2020?”

Embracing Eternity

Have you ever wondered why you don’t change? Have you ever wondered why it seems others are progressing more than you are? The year 2020 is approaching quickly and resolutions and goals I’m sure are starting to sound like a “good idea”. Or at least I have. I’ve had plenty of thoughts such as, “Oh,Continue reading “Embracing Eternity”