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Tips and Encouragement from Others on How to Stay Consistent

Consistency is what allows trials and faith workouts to grow you into someone stronger and totally new!  Hopefully this list can give you some ideas and encouragement to stay consistent.  Just remember…  there is no perfect formula.  God created everyone differently, and as you’ll see below, everyone has things that work better for them than… Continue reading Tips and Encouragement from Others on How to Stay Consistent

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When Your Dreams Take a Detour

When God gave me a vision for Be Still and Run, I thought it was going to just fall into place and happen overnight, but boy was I wrong.  There have been so many detours to my plans that I eventually just stopped trying so hard to get things to happen in my time and tried to flow with God’s schedule.  Maybe those of you who have been with me for awhile have noticed that. 

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Was 2021 the Perfect Year?

How does one define what perfection is if it doesn't exist? In this post I share how perfection is not something we should throw out altogether but rather be used to our advantage.

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Enjoying the Build Up, Not Just the End

Living out Your Dreams For about a year now I have been following Sara Hall and have been so totally inspired by her determination to enjoy the process before each one of her races.  She talks quite often about how she counts it a gift and a blessing to train.  Some runners have a difficult… Continue reading Enjoying the Build Up, Not Just the End