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My Story of Transformation was Anything But Perfect

Here we are going through a short serious on Perfectionism and I haven’t shared with you my story of transformation.  Like what?  I used to have a perfectionist mindset so what no greater time to share it with you than now.  I’ll try to keep it short as testimonials can get pretty long sometimes.

Many years ago in my early teens, I remember feeling sad and opening up my bible to a random spot as I asked God to show me something encouraging.  I craved something different yet I didn’t know what it was I was missing.  The following day was amazingly different!  It was so easy, so fun, so light… and yet it actually wasn’t years later till I realized why – on that sad day I remember thinking, “God, can you give me one day and show me what a relationship with you could be like?”  Wow!

So years later I had slowly grown in my Christian walk but because I had no godly peers I didn’t know what to do and actually considered myself a good Christian, better than most I knew.  I remember having this urge deep inside me to be different, but what ended up happening was that my teenage self rebelled in my heart and wanted to be different than my family.  I also remember having a desire for God, but I was afraid of submitting to Him fully. I was sincerely afraid of what He would ask of me.  What I didn’t realize at the time was that I had so many lies and fears about God that I missed the mark of truth.

However, one particular year my family attended a home-school conference of which I wrote in my journal at the time about how much my relationship with Christ had grown.  There was a certain young woman at the conference that I believe God must have placed it on her heart to talk to me and she ended up giving me her number before we left.  Much to my surprise, she become my mentor over the following years of which God used her to completely turn my life around.  Never had I met someone who showed interest in me as a person and actually cared for me as an individual.  Having a godly woman I could look up to was truly strange.  For the first few years I had in my mind the image of a “perfect Christian” and I tried to shoot for that.  Over time I realized there is no such thing as a perfect Christian and God began giving me a desire to become more like Christ and the person He created me to be rather than the impossible goal of perfectionism I was aiming for.

The last few years it has not been easy nor a picture perfect testimony as God has taken lies and fears out of my heart, helped me overcome old habits and create new ones, showed me who I am in Christ and who He truly is, and what God has specifically created for me as His child to do on this earth to advance His Kingdom.  I have never felt so free and at peace in my life!  The intimacy in my relationship with God seems to get closer and closer every day as we converse.  I have learned what it’s like to surrender my life to Him and oh, what a joyous part of my life that has been.  I have missed the mark several times, but God has always been gracious to help me try again. 

It was because of this friend that I wrote Back to the Basics… I want to be that kind of mentor to other ladies.  I want each of the young women out there to know that someone deeply cares for them, for who they are, not who they should be, and ultimately draw them closer to their Creator who loves them even more than I ever could.  I want to help lead them to a freedom that is worth more than anything they could ever chase after.  It is now my lifelong desire to see young women around the world experience what I have obtained.  I have tasted the life of a non-believer, the life of a lukewarm Christian, and the life of a surrendered child of God, the latter being better than anything this life could offer.

In the Back to the Basics Program we focus on running WITH God.  Then once the athletes have tasted and seen that the Lord is good, they begin having a hunger and strong desire to strengthen their relationship with Christ.  This is why we created Reconciled Coaching, which builds off of B2B and goes in depth of removing lies, living in truth, discovering our purpose and living a life worth living. 

However, as much as we believe God will and can use this program and coaching to impact young woman’s lives, it is not the only way you can strengthen your relationship with God.  God is creative and doesn’t use the same cookie cutter for every situation or every human being, so whether you use us or not I pray God fill you with Himself and help you find someone who will invest into you.  May He give you a burning desire to know Him better!  I Love Ya’ll!

Until next time, Happy Running!!

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