Should I Stick to My Daily Schedule or Run Each Day by the Seat of My Pants?

Does it really matter if your day goes perfectly as planned? What is more important in your life? Are you upholding that standard when things don’t go the way you wanted it to?

My Story of Transformation was Anything But Perfect

My soul craved something… yet I didn’t know what it was till I discovered what an intimate relationship with Christ truly was!

How Perfection Slowly Destroys Your Life and Those around You

With Christmas just around the corner I’ve noticed that we can ruin the holidays by focusing on all the wrong things.  One of the biggest distractions is Perfectionism.  People get so caught up in the petty details of life that they don’t even realize how perfection is slowly destroying their life and those around them.  Continue reading “How Perfection Slowly Destroys Your Life and Those around You”