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Is buying your motivation really the best approach?

Right now I am almost a month away from tapering for my next race, a redo of the trail Half Marathon I did in the Spring.  I made some stupid mistakes of which I need to correct before going up to the full marathon on a trail.  But, I’m so excited to be closing in on yet another goal of which ultimate leads up to my biggest one, a trail 50k!  For years I’ve had this particular race in the back of my mind and as the Lord leads, I plan on someday being able to run it.  But most goals and dreams take time to actually happen.  But when they do happen, it is always so worth the wait! So on we must trudge keeping that goal in sight.

Yet, I have a small problem.  This part of my training seems to be when I get mentally exhausted and begin to start looking for as much motivation as possible, lest I entertain the idea of quitting or lightening the load.  The buildup of mileage and training seem to start wearing on me.  But it’s not just me.  I’ve heard it to be very common amongst racers.  We hit this line during a training block that we seem to need more motivation than we did at the beginning.  There are probably different reasons depending on the runner but for me it’s that I’m just simply tired of pushing so hard without seeing anything to show for all the hours of training I’ve put in.  I want to see some kind of progress. 

When it comes to motivation, sure, injuries can put a huge damper on our training, thus being very disheartening.  Sometimes we can think, “what is the point.”  Sometimes we look down on ourselves and start to think negatively.  But there are still lots of other reasons that we can lack motivation.  It can be something going on in our personal life or that of a close relative or friend.  It can be as simple as we aren’t fueling our bodies properly so we start to wear down both mentally and physically because we are lacking the nutrition the body needs to work optimally. And something I’ve found in my own life is that my motivation seriously declines if I am not obeying God’s leading in my life.

There are tons of reasons that our motivation declines.

So can we buy motivation? 

Of course our first response is going to be no.  But there really are some ways we CAN buy motivation, such as signing up for a smaller race that would fit into our training schedule.  Buying a new pair of shoes seems to be very popular when people are looking for motivation.  Some people hire a coach and that seems to really help them, while others will grab an accountability person and use money as part of the award for one another to keep going.

But is buying motivation really the best approach?  For most of us, even “buying” it can be fleeting.  That burst of , “energy” shall we say, is like a cup of coffee.  The caffeine is wonderful, but it isn’t going to be there for very long. Rather than finding a temporary fix, it will last much longer if we can look at motivation from a different angle.

I looked up the definition of motivation and was surprised by how often people look to this in order to keep going.  One example said that motivation does not last, but neither does bathing, that’s why it’s recommended daily.  It was saying that motivation is the driving force behind which we do what we want.

As a Christian, that disturbs me.  Don’t get me wrong I love a good dose of motivation just like I do humor.  The reason this disturbs me is because people literally fully rely on motivation.  They have little discipline to do what they know they want to do because they just don’t feel it.  Well sometimes I don’t feel like using the restroom, does that mean I shouldn’t?  Even if I lacked the motivation to get up and head to the bathroom, there is another driving force with which is going to literally force me to eventually make my way there because I will have no choice. 

Over the last year I have found something way more encouraging to me than motivation. It never leaves and it always gets me out the door if I need to.  Some days training isn’t an option and normally this would disturb people and mess up there “streak” causing all sorts of negative thoughts.  But not with this tactic I’ve found.  It is the greatest source of motivation yet and I can’t wait to share it with you soon!

But for now I love you and pray you have a blessed week! Happy Running!

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