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Growing Stronger During Trials

Understanding what Trials are For

Today, I will be sharing a topic that God has been working on in my own life stronger than ever and it has been a blast!  I won’t lie though, it has been scary and it has hurt a lot. But as I go through God’s training plan with a surrendered heart the outcome produces fruit in my life I never imagined would be possible. Whereas the times that I have gone through the workouts God prescribes with a bitter or stubborn, rebellious heart, I was wounded in ways that took a long time to heal.  Some of which I am still healing from.

If you missed the last blog post or podcast episode we did, you’ll want to check those out to get a good foundation before moving on to the rest of this month’s content. 

3 Ways to Avoid Having Your Spiritual Muscles Torn

Episode #39 – What are Spiritual Muscles?

Runners must train, going through workouts that are very uncomfortable and painful in order to grow stronger. If I could choose one thing to share with you on how I have grown stronger through trials it would undoubtedly be this:

Go through the workouts with Jesus!

When God begins to stretch our faith muscles, we have two options:

  1. Loosen up so we can grow stronger or
  2. Tighten Up so it tears our muscles and requires major healing.
I have noticed that the more I am able to completely surrender to God and ask Jesus to work through me, I become stronger and stronger. 

In 2015 I remember thinking that I had arrived at the breakthrough of a relationship with Jesus.  I felt so close to Him.  Then last year (2022) I had the best spiritual year of my life combined, feeling so close to God.  I again, thought I had arrived.  Yet, our Pastor has been challenging us over the last few months to ask God for more of Himself because He has so much more He wants to give us.

The last few weeks I have been begging God for more of Himself.  To fill me with His Spirit in a way that it overflows into the lives around me.  I am not kidding you when I say every week gets better and better!  I see God working in my heart and life in ways I never thought I would experience!  And the more He fills me with Himself, the more I realize how much I’m missing. Now I beg Him almost every morning to fill me with His Spirit, to take control of every part of me, to use me in whatever ways He wants, and I have had a joy and peace that seems to only increase as the days go by.  His voice within my heart seems to be getting so crystal clear it honestly scares me.  He is answering prayers so much more it makes me want to pray more.  The closer I grow in my relationship with Him, the more I want to know about Him!

All of this to say, the key to growing stronger through trials is surrendering your life completely to Jesus and begging Him to fill you with Himself.  Beg Him to just give you a taste of what life with Christ could be like.  You don’t learn what your favorite desert is by asking someone else, no, you tasted it and you loved the taste. Psalm 34:8 says, “O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in Him.”

You grow stronger through trials by resting in Jesus and His love for You, allowing Him to work out His character in your life, realizing that every trial is a chance to grow closer to Christ.

My challenge to you this week is out of a sincere heart, ask God to give you a taste of His goodness.  Ask Him to give you a glimpse of Himself and what life could be like if you gave everything to Him.

Have a great week, Happy Running!

The Simplicity of Christianity

I created a free downloadable PDF version of my new book, The Simplicity of Christianity, which focuses on how you can Change your life from an “I have to” Christianity, to “I get to!” My last training block was one of the greatest learning experiences of my life.  Throughout the journey, God encouraged me to take notes on how training went and everything God taught me.  During recovery, He then led me to write an e-book, comparing my training physically to living the Christian life to the fullest. I am praying that God uses it to draw others to Christ in a fresh new way! Actually, what I shared in today’s post I believe can be traced back to what I share in the book!

To learn more click here or to download it straight away go here!

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