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3 Tips on How to End your Day Effectively

After much trial and error I have found the cool down that works best for me after I go for a run.  There are several things I will do, such as make an electrolyte drink, log how the workout went, and get ready for the day.

Have you ever noticed when God created the earth how He stated that it was evening, morning and the next day? 

And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.

Genesis 1:5

For a long time I wondered why He talked about the evening first.

David also mentioned the evening before the morning in Psalm 55:17.

Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: And he shall hear my voice.

I’ve realized over time that what we think about the night before greatly impacts how our morning goes, which then automatically influences how the rest of the day plays out.  Thus, I have made it a goal of mine, which I must admit is very hard for me, because I am tired and ready for bed, to end my day out right in the same way I cool down after a run.  It’s a transition time.

Tip #1: Talk or Journal over the Day with God

I’m going to admit, I have greatly struggled with this but it is very nice when I do it.  Taking the day to God and asking for healing from hurts I received or feelings that are confusing gives me peace for the night and allows me to be ready for the following day.  Sometimes I’ll wait so long to do this I end up crying in prayer before bed.  Therefore I have been making it a point to pray about the day before I fall asleep.

I have an accountability partner at the time with journaling once a week so this has been extremely helpful.  Thanking God for blessings that day and for allowing the circumstances to draw me closer to Christ gives me a different perspective on life and everything that happened. This allows me to trust Him and draw on His strength for the next day.  Plus, I love being able to look back and see how far God has taken me and draw from that to trust Him in present circumstances.

Tip#2: Plan for the Next Day

Knowing what I’m doing the next day is huge.  Figuring out what time I need to get up in order to get my quiet time and workout in is a must.  This allows me to not have to think as much as I slowly wake up the next morning.

Tip#3: Meditate on Scripture

Meditating on Scripture before bed has been the greatest thing I have ever done.  It calms my mind and heart down and allows me to transition into sleep mode.  It keeps my mind focused on Christ as I fall asleep.

As you think about how you want to use your evenings, keep this in mind.

Evenings are not the end of the day.  They are the transition periods between two individual days.

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See ya’ll next time, Happy Running!

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