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How Perfection Slowly Destroys Your Life and Those around You

With Christmas just around the corner I’ve noticed that we can ruin the holidays by focusing on all the wrong things.  One of the biggest distractions is Perfectionism.  People get so caught up in the petty details of life that they don’t even realize how perfection is slowly destroying their life and those around them.  … Continue reading How Perfection Slowly Destroys Your Life and Those around You

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Taking the Leap

Christmas is literally right around the corner!  Is everyone done shopping and all ready?  Does anyone have anticipation as the day gets closer?  Do you like giving the gifts or receiving them?  What do you hope you get?  What are you hoping the recipients of your presents reaction is?  Or do you have any hope… Continue reading Taking the Leap

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What is Your Focus?

Christmas is almost here and what joy do we have to show for it?  This year I have not been in the Christmas spirit and though I enjoyed shopping for gifts and listening to holiday music, something just seems to be missing.  Am I the only one that feels this way? As I began thinking… Continue reading What is Your Focus?