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The Biggest Waste of Time is Not What You Think

/ What do you think is the biggest waste of a Christian’s time?  My first thought for the 21st century was Social Media.  But God opened my eyes to realize that this is actually not the case.  The Biggest Waste of Time for a Christians Life is actually ... Worry We worry because of fear. … Continue reading The Biggest Waste of Time is Not What You Think

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What is Surrender?

After so many years of thinking I knew what surrender was, God strongly convicted me that in one certain area, I had not totally and completely surrendered to Him.   After years of God saying, “Trust me. Believe me. Rest in me. Commit to me.” I thought I was. But I kept taking it back. I figured that was… Continue reading What is Surrender?

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The Much Neglected Necessity

Are you guilty of it? Take the Quiz to find out! Answer these questions, really pondering over what is being asked. Are you lacking peace?Are there things in your life that bother you?Do you worry about anything?Do you neglect refreshing yourself on a daily basis?Are you easily agitated or irritated?Do your emotions seem to dictate… Continue reading The Much Neglected Necessity

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What is Your Focus?

Christmas is almost here and what joy do we have to show for it?  This year I have not been in the Christmas spirit and though I enjoyed shopping for gifts and listening to holiday music, something just seems to be missing.  Am I the only one that feels this way? As I began thinking… Continue reading What is Your Focus?