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The Perfect Morning Routine

I absolutely love my mornings!  My perfect morning routine changes as the years go by and consumes many of the morning hours, but when laid out, it looks pretty simple. Rise. Drink water and take minerals. Coffee. Quiet Time. Run. Breakfast. Work. I love this simple routine of mine, especially since I’m able to do… Continue reading The Perfect Morning Routine

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Don’t Overcomplicate Your Devotional Quiet Time

Before I go out for a run, I always have on my mind, “What should I do for a warm up today?” Stretching? Dynamic Stretching? Walk? Jog? I never know what I should do, so I usually default to a slow jog.        I’ve noticed this has actually become quite effective for me.  By starting… Continue reading Don’t Overcomplicate Your Devotional Quiet Time

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Starting Our Day Out on the Right Foot Changes Everything

What Everyone Ought to Know About Warming Up Before a Run Last week I mentioned how what I think about first thing in the morning seems to set the tone for the rest of the day.  You know how we use the phase, “I think I got up on the wrong side of the bed.”? … Continue reading Starting Our Day Out on the Right Foot Changes Everything

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Your Key to Success: Nailing Down the Basics Part One

Every time we go out for a run, we know we need to prioritize our warm up. It’s what gets our muscles ready for the work ahead so we are at a lesser risk of injury. What makes us think that running the Christian life is any different? The way you start your day carries over into the following hours, just as the way you start your run greatly determines how well your workout goes.