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What’s Been Going on Behind the Scenes

Hey there! We’ve been busily working behind the scenes with Be Still and Run and now we are finally ready to share with you what we have been up to! If the Lord wills, so many new things are just around the corner, and we are excited to see what God does in the future! Here are the… Continue reading What’s Been Going on Behind the Scenes

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My Story of Transformation was Anything But Perfect

My soul craved something... yet I didn't know what it was till I discovered what an intimate relationship with Christ truly was!

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Why can’t I sleep?? There have been a few times throughout my life that I am exhausted throughout the day and can’t sleep at night, but this one particular night was awful.  I tossed and turned and couldn’t find a comfortable position to lay.  My mind was swirling with all types of anxieties, including that… Continue reading Insomnia


The Unexpected Answer to Prayer

God Story - Part One Back in 2017, when I officially started running, I anxiously signed up for my first 5k. I was ridiculously nervous and felt sick to my stomach. I was so stressed about my time and how I didn't want to come in last. The morning of the race came and my… Continue reading The Unexpected Answer to Prayer

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Be the Person God Created You to Be – pt.2

Taking Care of What God has Entrusted Us Within a two year period I was humiliated a few times on how I ran.  Slow, bouncy, I looked like a dying chicken and I was about to fall over... someone even asked if I was the walker that they’d seen go by their tree stand.  *face… Continue reading Be the Person God Created You to Be – pt.2

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Runner vs. Non-Runner

Life is full of similarities.  But it is also full of differences. Within the first year of running, I researched a lot, and in the process came across a lot of runner quotes that made no sense to me.  Things like, “They ask me, Why do you run?  I ask them, Why don’t you?”  Or,… Continue reading Runner vs. Non-Runner

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Is it Really Worth it?

When the pain makes you question and doubt whether God's calling on Your life is worth it, what is your response?